Four Good Things about Facebook’s 30% Gain

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Well, for once, I’m going to write a doe-eyed, isn’t-it-great-the-stock-went-up, totally not-a-sourpuss post. I am pleased to see Facebook’s monstrous zoom higher today for a few reasons:

  1. I wasn’t short the stock! (Joking aside, I never touch the stuff in either direction);
  2. All the shareholders, with the exception of the poor souls who bought on IPO day, are now in the green. That’s pretty remarkable, and it’ll make the stock’s progress far more constructive from now on. It doesn’t have to fight overhead supply now;
  3. I am personally “long” a big house which is five blocks away from Zuckerberg’s and a mile away from Facebook headquarters, so I will indirectly continue to benefit! Anybody know where I can buy some puts on this place?
  4. Facebook employees now have options which are in the green, which has got to be great for morale. After all, who wants to work somewhere where the stock just keeps puking (cough Zynga cough).

Congratulations to Facebook’s employees and shareholders. This is the first day worth truly celebrating.