Gann Angle to Build Wealth

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Many traders are momentum traders. They are the carriage at the end of the train being pulled along the track for profits. At Gann Angles are the track, the train is price, the trader is the carriage on the back.


Gann angles are a measure of time to price. A one to one (or 1×1) Gann Angle is 1 unit of time is equal to 1 unit of price. A 1×2 Gann Angle is 1 unit of time to 2 units of price, 1×4 and so on. The bullish trader wants to see a trend were price is moving faster than time, so that would be 1×2, 1×4 or 1×8 etc.

Below are some wealth building trends with there respective Gann Angle time to price measure.

Like everything, it comes down to the method you use to measure price action. William Gann best invention was the Gann Angle.

Gann Angles work well with Richard Wyckoff law of ’cause and effect’, as the Gann Angle monitors the progress of the effect (price trend out of consolidation).

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