Portrait of Comic Genius

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Long ago, when I was a teenager, I was very proud to be able to buy my own consumer electronics goodies like a fancy stereo, a VCR, and a 36″ television (the thing probably weighed 150 pounds). Since I was working even in those days as a writer, I could actually buy what I wanted, instead of having to beg for it, and I remember to this day how much I enjoyed watching a brand new special on HBO called “An Evening with Robin Williams” (which you can enjoy here for free).

I don’t really enjoy his comedy the way I do Emo Phillips, Greg Giraldo, Richard Pryor, or (bow your heads) George Carlin, and I don’t listen to any of his new stuff. All the same, the man’s genius is still shining as bright as ever, and this interview he did with The Actor’s Studio is terrific. Even if you just listen to it while you’re doing other stuff, it’s a kick (although parts of it are certainly visual). And after 800 points being tacked on the Dow the past couple of weeks, I could use a smile!