Something New is Coming

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After I sold Prophet back early in 2005, I was given a cushy job with a great salary doing basically whatever I wanted to do (nice work if you can get it, eh?) After years of struggling to build a business, it was wonderful just to help build products, not worry about the aggravations of running a small enterprise, and getting a fat direct deposit every two weeks.

Some of my former employees kept hinting to me that I should start something new. I was surprised and moved by how much they wanted to do another new business together. “I’d follow you anywhere”, one of them said. I was humbled, because frankly I didn’t have any ideas about another business!

The biggest compliment I ever received in my life was from another fellow worker who had helped build Prophet with me. He was already working for our corporate master, and he had relocated to the other side of the country, but he said to me, “If you ever start something new, I would like to be a part of it. You’re a creator.”0712-creator

I had never thought of myself as a “creator” before, but it was the most touching moniker I could imagine. After all, I liked to create. I don’t have the talent to actually build the stuff, but I can definitely dream it up, describe it, and stamp my little feet until it’s just right.

So as a one-man shop, I’ve been able to exercise my creative urges by way of Slope. There has been plenty of “creation” here, such as the Q&A system, the comments system, SocialTrade, and Slope+. But I want you to know I’ve got something else up my sleeve, and it’s coming soon. It’s not going to turn the world upside down, but it’s very cool, and I think you’re going to love it. So stick around. The creator hasn’t finished yet.