The Common Thread

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With the news that SAC Capital Advisors has been indicted (it’s about freakin’ time), it occured to me that the three disgraced hedge fund zillionaires below have something in common. Can you guess what it is?

0725-cohen 0725-madoff

0725-israelGive up? The answer is that not a single one of these men has ever entered the Palo Alto Summer Chilli Cook-Off! Not a single one, not even once! So I think it just goes to show you – – if you want to entrust your money to someone, make damned sure he at least tries his con carne recipe out on a crowd. It’s a sign of character and reveals a willingness to be judged.

In any case, Cohen has always struck me as singularly unlikeable. I’m hoping he winds up with the same fate as Madoff. The federal government seems like too much of a pansy to charge him directly yet, although his firm is under assault. We’ll see if he remains a free man. If this so-called “market” is ever allowed to go down, then social disposition toward guys like this will change, and he’ll be escorted from his mansion.