Easy Come

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This is profoundly puerile, I realize, but I’ve got to share this little nugget: years ago, I took a portion of my cash from the sale of Prophet and put it into a software company. A couple of years later, it looked like it was going to go belly-up, but fast forward to today, and it’s doing great. They received several national honors recently, and I was looking through the list of other recipients, and I read about a company I had never heard of in my life. It’s a convenience chain based in Des Moines:


I was……errr………surprised at the name. To my way of thinking, this would be like me opening up a pet store focusing on roosters and cats and calling it Cocks ‘n’ Pussies (ok, maybe not to that extreme, but still……….). All the same, I guess in Iowa things aren’t interpreted in the same bizarre way as they might be in the Bay Area.

One can only imagine the magazine selection at the aforementioned retailer.