Thirteen Hundred Weakening

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I wanted to say something about this market and my relative lack of content lately. There are times when the market is exhilirating, engaging, exciting, and dynamic. I tend to be very prolific during those times. Slopers, particularly those on Slope+, can expect a fountain of ideas and observations from me.

There are other times – like, say, oh, right now, that I find the market to be an utter drag. I have few or no ideas or observations. I find the market tedious. I’m not excited to get up in the morning and tackle the day. It basically feels like a job, which is one thing I’ve sought to avoid my entire life.

So please don’t confuse my lack of writing with anything other than my response to this market. I find it wearisome, but that time will pass. I am saying this particularly to Slope+ folks, of whom there are quite a few now. I am not going to make posts for the sake of making posts. I will write when I feel what I have to offer is of the highest quality. So Slope has a bit of the feast-or-famine phenomena, so I’m hopeful people will be patient as we live in a state of famine for a little while.

Having said all that, just about the only thing slightly interesting is gold’s chipping away at the $1300 level. It will need to break last Friday’s overnight lows to get exciting, but at least it’s showing signs of downward progress, as I feel the bear market in precious metals isn’t over.