eBay Loses Bid, Tim Loses Lunch

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I’m going to close the day with just a couple of thoughts. First, one of my (many, many) short positions, eBay, looks like it is finally giving up the ghost. It has a wonderful 8-point range, and a move to the lower 40s looks quite feasible right now.


Second, I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw the article below. I mean, if you look at Business Insider, MarketWatch, or any of the other mainstream media sheeple’s choice award-winning sites out there, they are jam-packed with increasingly-tortured explanations as to Why It’s Different This Time, and how Everything Is Going To Be Just Swell. But the notion that Janet Yellen, of all people, is going to the “sage” to warn of us a bubble is positively puke-inducing.


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