Griping about the MSM Headlines

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I took a glance at MarketWatch this morning and could scarcely believe my eyes……..


Green Tint – can we say “pandering”? This is nauseating. One of the most corrupt organizations on the planet is trying to curry favor by making some token gesture at hiring veterans. Nice.

Magenta Tint – I am ready to strangle whoever dreamed up the whole “10 things” motif at MarketWatch. Then I’ll strangle whoever is perpetuating it.

Yellow Tint – oh, that’s just cruel. One image at a time, please.

Grey Tint – honestly……..are we this dumb as a people? After the financial crisis, we’re honestly interested in learning how we can make interest rates 1400 basis points above the market rate by giving money to non-creditworthy borrowers? I hate the expression, but I’ll use it here – seriously?


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