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Maybe I’ve been hiding in a cave and everyone else on Earth has seen this, but I tripped across it by accident this morning for the first time. The clip below is along the lines of the “Susan Boyle” video, but I like this one better. You’ve got two teens – one pretty girl, and one obese boy – coming out on stage. You get the typical smirks from the audience, and then – blammo – they (particularly the male, Jonathan) blows everyone away. He’s magnificent.

Long-time readers know I have a deep loathing of the bullies of the world. There are the gentle souls, and then there are the hateful sorts that seek to injure (there’s one in particular I’m sure you can dream up). It is heartening to see anyone on the good side come out on top. As shown in the video, the girl singing is “good” but Jonathan is amazing…… you can tell he’s just a sweetheart. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:

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