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Over the course of nearly nine years of blogging, I have received thousands of emails from all over the world. I got one in the wee hours of Monday morning that was especially nice and, having the writer’s permission, I would like to share it in full (with a few bits redacted for the sake of privacy): 

Hi Tim,

I am writing mainly to express my gratitude for what you are doing with this site. I found you through Zero Hedge and although I visit sites of ZH contributors often enough none, not one, has compelled me to literally stand up out of my chair and cheer out loud whilst reading as yours, as my very thoughts were being expressed by someone else on the very page before me. To wit, it was a November 1 post “Smacking Down The Bulls” and the paragraph that truly did it for me was:

“What gives me purpose in life is anticipating the collapse and having the charlatans exposed for what they are. The break is going to happen very subtly at first – almost imperceptibly – and the tribe is going to keep trying to trick the masses. But the attempts at rallying over the past few days have been getting successfully smacked-down. The battle ahead is going to be long and difficult, but in the end, Obama, Blankfein, Dimon, Yellen, Pelosi, and all the rest of them will fail.”

I’m not much at writing and as a hunt and peck typist it takes me awhile to compose something but I just want to share with you my journey to the land of the bear. I write you from Paraguay, my new home, as I had finally enough of the rot you so eloquently describe periodically in your blog. My bear-land journey started just prior to the 2000 tech blow off top and subsequent melt-down. You see I owned a construction business and was working in classified areas north of Las Vegas for the USAF, the place commonly known as {Location Redacted}. Oddly, it was several of these friends and acquaintances there that were “knockin’ em’ dead” in the stock market and encouraged me to “come on in, the water’s fine”. I had built a pretty sizable wad of cash ( being on the inside of the military industrial, crony capitalist cartel CAN be quite profitable) that just sat in the bank. Well, long story short and about a year later I had been separated from about 4 million of my net worth (2mil paper, 2mil actually earned prior). But not without considerable help from some charlatans on Wall Street. I got my trip to the floor of the NYSE, even met Art Cashin, but on that trip may have been when surreptitiously the word “Bagholder” may well have been imprinted on my forehead for benefit of the Wall Street wolves. Well, “Bagholder” I became.

So I picked myself back up, vowed never to return to Wall Street and went back to being the loyal indentured (albeit self employed) servant, paying enormous taxes and assisting the war machine to, among other things, to eliminate as many brown skinned people on the opposite side of the earth as possible. And so it went until the meltdown in 2008 and I had partaken with a couple of purchases in real estate in Las Vegas. Prudent investments or so I thought being oblivious to the second bubble I was about to get run over by. But still the ever the loyal American (after all, it was very profitable being so “loyal”) shrugged this off as well. That is until I saw some who participated in the speculative orgy (a couple you mentioned above) but did not pay the price capitalism SHOULD exact from those that are beyond the pale. Yes the taxi driver and/or the cocktail waitress with 8 houses purchased with no-doc loans, they surely paid their price for their speculative excess. But not Blankfein. Not Dimon. Not even Fuld. So is this how capitalism is supposed to work?

Finally, I had a run-in with {Location Redacted} “security” where they literally lied to support their position in a hearing reviewing my efforts to simply get them to honor the contractual commitment they had signed up for my construction projects. Trust me, Edward Snowden has only hinted at and made evident a small fraction of the self righteous arrogance that infects the ‘security state” in the US. James Clapper should have been charged with a felony for lying to Congress, but is instead remains Director of National Intelligence. Hypocrisy and unfettered criminal conduct certainly is not the sole province of rot so evident on Wall Street.

All this ultimately compelled me to move to a much more “honest”, benign banana republic……and one without nuclear weapons. But I’m needing to make a living and trading these corrupt, manipulated markets still seems the best option for me here. But now I’m on the opposite side of the euphoria I was on in 2000 and it has been nearly as painfully (but not quite so costly) watching the mania that fuels this latest corrupt, Fed fueled bubble. Your website has certainly provided not only refuge but insight as well as actionable recommendations. One regret does appear that Shalom may well avoid being at the center of the maelstrom that he helped create. That is truly a shame.

Anyway, thank you for what you do here Tim.

{Name Redacted}
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