Fear: One Tim: Zero

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Grrrrrrr. I hate what this market has done to me. I was looking at the ridiculous “bad news is good news” ramp this morning, and I was staring at ths SPY thinking, “OK, this is the most obvious short set-up in the world. Only a moron wouldn’t short this rally.” But I decided to be a moron and do nothing. And, bang, as God intended, it is falling apart. Reality is starting to enter the market again, people. Set-ups that look good probably are good again. The Fed is starting to lose control, bit by bit. In the end, we’re going to win. But we can’t win unless we’re willing to step up.


Umm, just to be clear, I have zero longs and 80 shorts, so it’s not like I am not benefitting. But still.

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