One Thing Ugly Can’t Cure

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As the new Anti-Christ, the disgusting and demonic Janet Yellen hopes to totter her way into glory by enjoying the same free ride the soon-to-be-former Anti-Christ, Benjamin {Middle Name Redacted for the Sake of Political Correctness} Bernanke enjoyed: specifically, to puke $85 billion per month (or more) into the market, keeping the sheeple shut up and the rich ever-richer.

That’s all well and good, but there’s one thing that will crush this wretched white-haired troll: rising interest rates. It’s starting to look encouraging on that front. I’ve long predicted this so-called person will want to slit her wrists long before her term is up. I’m putting my money on that supposition.


See that red line? Cross above it, and vomit-woman is toast from coast to coast. Amen.


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