Only the Good

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Maybe you’re insecure
Neck deep in life’s manure
Maybe your heart’s impure
Inured to all small compensations
Maybe you’re born to lose
Could be caught out or confused
Wearing the condemned man’s shoes
Worn out, beyond a warning


Nobody likes to lose. By definition, a loss is the removal or disappearance of something or someone we value. As traders, we face the prospect of loss all the time. As humans, we face the inevitability of death through our lives. If you think money will save you, check with with Steve Jobs to see how that worked out for him. John D. Rockefeller might want to chime in as well.

But some of us go far too soon. I’ve never had a close family member die, but that day will come, and I’m not sure how I’ll react. I’ve written about death on this blog more often than Woody Allen has obsessed over it in his movies, and I have had a number of experiences in my life when good, smart, decent people had their lives end much earlier than a just world should allow.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to publish a post from a beloved Sloper who is making a farewell of sorts to all of us. The post will speak for itself, and it is not my intent to preempt it or steal its thunder. On the contrary, I will remain mute. I simply wanted to say, in advance, how completely sad it makes me feel. If you don’t normally visit Slope on Sunday, try to do so this time and give it a read. It is wholly unwelcome news, both to the reader and the writer.

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