ES Quantitative Analysis

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The ES market has made quite a big move the other day and reached an area where the odds are starting to be quite good to go SHORT DAILY.


In the screenshot below you can see our proprietary quantitative analysis of the oversold levels on HOURLY and DAILY time periods at the moment of writing (i.e. pre-market). The HOURLY will probably change by the time you read this as our reading is updated every hour, 24 hours a day, but the DAILY will remain valid throughout the day and until we get a negative DAILY Close.

You can see the DAILY at  1877 is showing 79.67% odds. These are pretty good odds. If the market reaches 1897.75 the odds will become even better: 93.30%.

By betting on the end of an impulse, where the odds are good, you have a high chance to capture the next SHORT reversal from the beginning, rather than waiting when is already visible and about to end.


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