General Mayhem

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Long-time readers know I take a strange pride in never having owned an American car. Even as a youngster, I recognized them as crap on four wheels. And for those who say, “But Tim! Yes, you! Tim! Over here! Hi! Your Tesla is American!” No, it isn’t. It’s Silicon Valleyian. A Tesla product is as far removed from the decades of Detroit garbage as one can imagine.


With that sparkly-eyed lead-in, I offer the chart of GM. The company was destined to go bankrupt in 2008, as Darwinian economics demanded, but our government thought it would be a swell idea to bail them out, just in case they might come out with another Aztek in the future. Oh, that, and to be able to use your taxpayer money to buy up support among the auto-maker unions and their knuckle-dragging members. Anyway, the chart portends darker days to come. Good.