How Did I Miss This Guy?

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Just one quick post before I turn out the lights………I just read this article from TechCrunch about some brilliant lunatic that goes by the name of weev. He’s a hacker extraordinaire and has a quality I admire greatly: he will tell anyone, irrespective of their position of authority, precisely what he thinks of them (including the guards in the prison from which he was just released). He is now setting up a hedge fund called TRO, LLC (yep, he’s a very proud Internet troll as well). He states:

I think the best thing someone can possibly do for a work of art is to hatefully criticize it. My business model is short equities. I am here to shift the market cap of publicly traded companies downward by publicizing problems in their technical infrastructure. Very few people manage to do this. In fact, besides the times I’ve done so, I can only think of a handful of other incidents. TJX, Target, Lulzsec’s Sony incidents. I think I might be the only person to do this more than once. I am able to cause impact precisely because I am so polarizing

This guy sounds like quite a character. I’m surprised I never read about him until today.