The Short-Worthy Gems of This Market

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The bearish list of trade setups for the week is a lighter version of what we have become accustomed to seeing. 

And you can primarily blame that on the ubber-bullish market conditions we saw prior to this week.. But in all honestly, these types of conditions really helps me to find out which stocks are the ‘really-bearish’ ones that refuse to rally with the market and remain short-worthy.

For example US Steel (X) has barely rallied in the last three weeks and still trades below its 20-day moving average. If this market continues to see the bearishness creep back in, you can bet X will be at the front of the pack.

So this list here really represents the best shorts the market has to offer at this moment.

Here’s the bearish watch-list:
bearish watch-list 6-10-14

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