Good Lord

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Well, now that the market is beginning to fall to pieces, I’m in freakin’ Eastern Europe. Oh, well – – I’ve got fast Internet, an ungodly luxurious suite, and three laptops, so it’s not all pain and suffering. I’d just like to be even more into it than I am.

On the one hand, the market is very – – and I hate this word – oversold. One look at the ES shows you that we’ve rammed against a meaningful support line, and we could easily bounce to about 1942.50………


I would point out, however, that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has – for the first time since the March 2009 bottom – firmly and decisively broken its supporting trendline.


I think that this market has fundamentally changed. My view is that all bulls over the past five years are Satan incarnate, so obviously I take some pleasure out of this mayhem – – but they’re not going to make it easy on us ursine types. There is no doubt in my mind that sooner or later (and 2014 is way, way later than I ever imagined) the market is going to completely unravel, and that albino anti-Christ Yellen is going to do everything in her power, both legal and illegal, to try to harm me personally. Good will prevail in the end, however, which means that her ultimate demise is fated and Slope’s longevity shall be ordained by the author of all things.

Thus speaks your host from the former Soviet Union. May the acursed cabal, liars and thieves of Washington, be damned for the wrongs they have committed. Amen.

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