Thursday’s Interesting Charts

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It’s been literally six months since we’ve had a selloff like today’s, and it was delightful. Of course, Colonel Kilgore’s warning that “…someday, this war’s gonna end……” is echoing in my mind, since Yellen and her ilk always come along and screw things up just when it’s getting fun.

In any case, here are a few charts to allay my blogger’s guilt (and I must say, I am NOT feeling guilty about my Slope+ ideas in recent weeks, because Good God Almighty, there have been some gems in there………….it’s particularly gratifying, since a lot of annual renewals have been coming up in recent days!)

Audio Code (or whatever the hell they’re called………..who cares?) continues to do marvelously:


My crude oil short is also doing well (which I’m pleased with, since on TastyTrade Tom asked me what was my ONE best idea to offer during my two week hiatus, and I said to short crude):


The MidCaps (cough coughSlope Plus Post from three days ago cough cough) is acting precisely As God Intended……



It’s approaching midnight here, and I’m not the least bit tired (the trading day spans from 3:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., which is pretty cool, actually). I’ve got literally over 1,000 charts to look at, so I guess I’ll get started.

Thanks, Slopers!