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You may have seen a mention somewhere about the nearly 1,300-page PowerPoint presentation that entrepreneur Ryan Allis put together.

I’ve considered myself an entrepreneur ever since I was a teenager, although the only “real” business I started (and sold……..) was Prophet Financial, back in early 2005. Slope of Hope is sort of a business (revenue, profits, tax returns, and all that stuff) but, let’s face it – – Slope is just me – – so it’s not really a “business”, although it does keep bread on the table.

Anyway, I’m skimming this giant presentation, and although a good portion of it consists of obvious notions and values, there are a few gems here and there. I like this slide in particular:


This slide stopped me in my tracks, because, as long-time readers know, I’ve always been a brat about deeply valued doing only what I really want to do.  My impression is that a huge portion of the world lands in that “vocation” spot, and another chunk is in “profession”, but precious few ever hit the “purpose” sweet spot.

What I do here on Slope sometimes meets all four categories (although the past 8 trading days may call some to question if “What you are good at” qualifies, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be so unkind as to think that). In any case, I wanted to give you the URL for the big-ass presentation, since I bet some of you would really enjoy it.