Casual, Unofficial East Coast Slopefest

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Slopers and Sloperettes, Mrs. Ig and I would like to cordially invite any and all interested friends to come to Carolina Beach, North Carolina, on Friday, October 10, and/or Saturday, October 11. We have a special guest visiting that week all the way from Denver, Colorado… none other than Slope’s very own ‘The Dude’.

Many of you old-timers know Dude, as he’s a veteran of our little community, and we figured we’d open up our recently acquired vacation home to any Slopers who wish to take a mini-vacation and meet other members of our virtual family while he’s visiting the east coast.  And it’s just a good excuse to have a friendly gathering.

This will be very casual and very unofficial. Mrs. Ig and I will be on vacation the whole week, and we’re happy to host gatherings at our home, but it won’t be anything fancy or formal, just plenty of talking, laughing, drinking, grilling, eating and merriment.

While we’d love to house each and every one of you… well, not really, but that isn’t possible, anyway. There are a number of beach motels and even a Marriott Courtyard, for you fancy folks, all literally yards from our house. You’ll be able to walk or stumble back to your own beds without needing to get in your cars.

If you Google and map “Russo’s motel” and “Buccaneer motel”, along with the Marriott Courtyard in Carolina BeachNC, you’ll be in our neighborhood.  If none of those appeal to you, there are many others close-by that Google Maps will be happy to point out. If a B and B is more your speed, there are some of those nearby as well… Carolina Beach Inn, The Savannah Inn…  We haven’t stayed in any of these places I’ve listed, so I have no firsthand knowledge about any of them, so do your due diligence and find a place that appeals to you.

Overview map of the immediate area… (guess which house is Iggy’s and win a prize)

We’d absolutely enjoy seeing as many of you as can find your way to Mayberry East. It’ll be a wonderful time of year for the beach in North Carolina, and if you’re looking for an excuse to get away for a weekend, this is it.

Here’s the view from atop the Marriott…

Those interested in coming, please email me and I’ll provide all necessary information at the appropriate time.  Flyboy, if you want to fly in, the airport in Wilmington, NC (ILM) is just a few miles away. 😉

Contact me with any questions or to RSVP at iggyslopefest at gmail dot com.