Slimey Getting Slimed

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There are a few companies in the past I’ve pointed out that, in my opinion, are exploitative and/or generally slimey. They had their glory days, but they’ve been really falling to pieces lately. The whole education-for-profit sector has been getting firebombed…..


But what’s been getting a lot more attention, thanks largely to the silly Icahn/Ackman slugfest from many months ago, are the pyramid-scheme-ish firms such as, famously, Herbalife, which Icahn was championing even when it was above $80…….


Last night, as I was going through charts, I decided I wanted to short Nu-Skin Enterprises, which is similar to Herbalife with respect to its business model. Sadly, that ship has sailed (or sunk) already……… 1105-NUS