Curious Charlie Carnage……….

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Armed police swarm the entrances and exits to the Hyper Cache in eastern Paris after several shoppers were held hostage for several hours

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Just a few final frenzied frog thoughts on Charlie………………..

I never can quite understand why these crack S.W.A.T teams don’t strategically hold off for 24-48 hours so as to exhaust the terrorists and attempt to gas them out, or at the very least, equipped with the latest military grade night vision, aim to catch them off guard overnight.  Instead, they choose to impetuously storm the building by barging and charging, which virtually assures that hostages are also killed during the ensuing mayhem?

One would assume the pros know what they’re doing, but it sure as hell seems questionable.  C’mon now, slowly mechanically raising a shop’s street level security gate, are you kidding me???  You can’t be serious!  What ever happened to the element of surprise, isn’t that like terrorist manhunt school 101?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I would much rather see these crazed craven characters professionally tortured, effectively interrogated and only then summarily executed, so that at least we stand a fighting chance to find out who and what was really behind them………and certainly the hostages spared at all costs.

I mean once they have them completely cornered with thousands of expert anti terrorist police surrounding the perimeter, what’s the big rush to go in there guns a blazing……

Seriously, these crazed undisciplined young terrorist couldn’t stay awake for days on end, yet the expert S.W.A.T teams can, as they would rotate shifts. Just seems so ill-considered and outright reckless when hostages are involved.

The end result of the special forces’ rash actions: 

A)  Lose the opportunity to effectively interrogate them to ascertain who’s really behind this.

B)  Make them martyrs and heroes for the Jihadist cause.

C)  The cold blooded terrorist suffer a painless death.

D)  No execution in the public square to demean them after an expeditious Int’l Tribunal.


All seems rather short sighted and patently barbarous to sacrifice the hostages so readily.

My best guess is that the order came from the top, as Hollande wanted to appear like a tough guy, since the public widely views him as an ineffective weak president, not to mention that his strongest political opponent, Le Pen, is surging in the polls.  In case you’re unaware, she’s a fierce nationalist who is staunchly anti-immigration, and wants to summarily dump the Euro.

Moreover, dead guys can’t tell you who really put them up to the job. Maybe, the CIA and Mossad like it that way? Seriously makes you wonder. Any these rabid half-grown rascals seem to always end up dead on the spot, nearly every time, and then we know nothing substantive about them afterwards?

Remember when withering old man Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in history, was killed and then quietly dumped out at sea………….hmmm, sure he was.  Would have been nice to ask him a few questions.  Oh that’s right, he was originally a CIA operative helping us out in the crucial hills of Afghanistan when it was the Russians that were busy securing the poppy fields.

I suppose The Military/Terror Industrial Complex needs an excuse to keep the war machine in full force?  Is that it? Who really knows what’s behind all of this malignant mayhem, I certainly no longer trust our marionette leaders explanations, there are obviously powerful forces at play behind them without a shred of doubt.

Maybe the civilized West carpet bombing nearly half a million of these desperate beings in undeveloped regions of the world, aimlessly perpetuating needless wars, is not too swift either, blow-back’s an angry bitch…..

A very difficult nasty situation is at hand, which clearly requires a new approach.

Surely it would be smarter for the developed West to spend the nearly 3 trillion USD that was so readily wasted on senseless bloodshed and useless wars of massive death, destruction and mayhem towards more useful strategic capital initiatives, in order to promote and improve the economic conditions in these barren lands, so that the people might just uplift themselves and become more productive to human civilization?

Perhaps then they would be more inclined to stay home minding their own turf. Instead, we seem hell-bent on further inciting and igniting the fierce flames of fanaticism, ensuring that their youth feel compelled and hell-bent to come terrorize us in our own cities, via zealous acts of horrific mindless youthful desperation.

Ask yourselves, who and what interests really benefit from continuing this abject carnage?

Sure makes one wonder sometimes…………………