Calling All Testers

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Well, I’ve dropped more hints about my “project” that a Hollywood agent drops celebrity names, so I might as well come straight out and ask for your help.

I’m looking for people to test a new mobile app I’ve been developing. This app is just one aspect of a new business I’m working on, but it’s a vital one. The requirements for beta users are simple:

  1. You need an iPhone or an iPad with a cellular connection;
  2. You should enjoy getting out and about in your town;
  3. You need to print, sign, and mail in a non-disclosure so that my project is kept secret (please write the email address you use for your iTunes account on the form in the space provided).

Click here to download the non-disclosure agreement. which is a Word document. Mail it in to Tim Knight, 555 Bryant #711, Palo Alto, CA 94301 and I’ll be in touch via email about next steps.

A number of you have already written, expressing interest in testing this mysterious new creation of mine. Now’s your chance! Thank you very much.