Oh What a Plus

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I usually keep Slope+ posts and ideas behind the beautifully manicured topiary surrounding the Slope+ garden, but I wanted to share a recent success story to illustrate (1) the kinds of cool ideas you non-plusers are missing (2) how I actually do, gasp, offer up long ideas (although, cough cough, this particular one was to go long a bearish fund).

On the morning of March 25, I published a post called Aggressive Long which suggested buying the symbol DUST to take advantage of what I felt would be weakness in precious metals miners. I’ve marked the approximate publication time below with a green arrow, and I’ve tinted beneath that the suggested stop loss of 14.76 (which was never hit).

The next day, I expressed relief in a post called Well THAT Was Close, since precious metals zoomed briefly (pushing DUST down), but the stop wasn’t hit. Indeed, it started strengthening mightily. And, the day after that, I did another post called Up We Go, celebrating the ascent of DUST (I don’t normally wet-nurse these ideas, but in this case, it was going so well, I was quite chatty).

Finally, just yesterday, I published a post called That’s Enough (I take great pains to give these posts titles that don’t give away to non-subscribers what on earth I am talking about) which essentially said it was a good time to take profits. In just a few days, DUST had moved up about 25%, and I’ve marked this final post with a red arrow. As I am typing this, DUST is down more than 15%, so although I seriously make a habit not to do “exit” posts, I’m awfully glad I did this time.


Are all the ideas this good? Oh, absolutely! Come on, give me a break. There will be some total duds along the way. But I genuinely do put my best ideas in “Plus”, and since I’m in a generous mood, I’ve extended the 10-Year Celebration coupon to today if you want to sign up. The subscription page is here, and the coupon code is tenyears. Hope to see you there!