Slopefest VII by Market Sniper

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Hard to believe that we are now at Slopefest #7! Here is your chance to meet with old friends and make new ones as well. Match up real people with their on-line personas and avatars. Slopefest is scheduled for the weekend of June 6th and 7th in Las Vegas, baby! Great times were had at all past Slopefests and if there is any guarantees in this life, this time will be NO different.

Our gracious host, Mr. Tim Knight, will be there on a “best efforts” basis. Here is the scheduled itinerary for Slopefest.

I, personally, plan on arriving late afternoon on Thursday, June 4. I am staying at Ballys. I can usually be found at my “office” which is the casino bar next to the craps tables. On Friday, late afternoon, we gather at The Deuces Lounge at the Aria for drinks. Sometimes, The Deuces Lounge is booked by a private party. In that case, we meet at The Lift Bar (formerly known as Bar Moderna). After that, we like to go to a fine Thai restaurant, The Lemon Grass, for a super dinner.


Saturday, June 6 from around 11am to late afternoon, we gather at Hagar’s home in Summerlin (a suburb of Las Vegas) for a party. Great food and drinks. Be prepared for wide ranging discussions on a variety of topics. Car pools will be attempted to get you there and back. Directions will be given out well in advance.

Saturday evening starting at around 6 pm we will be at The Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay.  Due to the efforts of Mr. Las Vegas aka Ferrari aka “No Four” Frank we have the largest room, The Media Room, booked for our gathering. More great conversation, drinks and finger food. The Foundation Room is what I would imagine a British officers’ club in Rangoon, Burma, circa 1900 would be like. From their balcony is one of the best views of The Strip you can find. Should Tim be able to make it, he will be there for this.

For those who are leaving late (I am leaving on Monday), Sunday morning there is The Sterling Brunch at Ballys. A bit pricy but most likely one of the best brunches available in the state of Nevada.

Many of you have heard me mention and discuss dice control/dice influencing. I have made arrangements with Mr. Beau Parker (DiceCoach) to give a session at his home in Vegas on the various aspects of this as well as betting strategies at craps. As many of you know, the game of craps can give you the smallest house edge of any game offered by the casinos. We trade edges, why not attempt to get a real edge on the casinos when gambling. This will start on Friday, June 5th at 11 am. Topics covered will be the rudiments of dice control/influencing  from the proper dice sets for various desired outcomes, the grip and throw. Also, correct betting strategies that will give you the best odds of success. This will be a 3 to 4 hour session at his regulation 12 foot craps table in his family room. The cost is $150 per person

In February, a group of 10 of us did this and all agreed it was worth the time and every penny of the cost. There is only room for a maximum of twelve people for this and the slots are filling fast. IF this is of interest to you, let me know soonest at Dutch302 at gmail dot com. For a great read on the subject and to get a feel of what this is all about I would highly suggest you get a copy of Frank Scoblete’s book, The Craps Underground: The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers Are Winning Millions from the Casinos.  It is a fun read as well. I assure you, this is very real.

I hope to see all of you in Vegas in June. We shall have a fantastic time, as always!