Dog Update

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After my weepy post about Kobe’s passing, quite a few people have asked about my new dog. Well, her name is Coda, and she’s doing great. A few days after Kobe’s passing, I stopped by the grocery store. There just happened to be an animal adoption fair, and one large dog caught my attention (and, I assure you, I wasn’t looking). I brought her home for one night as a foster adoption, just to see how my other dogs would react. This is pretty much what happened:


I haven’t had a girl dog in many years, and I don’t think I’ve had a dog this big before, but she’s a total sweetie with a fondness for rides in the car:


Of course, it can be a little distracting trying to get work done or reading now.


Like almost all dogs I’ve ever had, she’s a rescue. Her original family basically put her in the back yard as a pup and never let her out. She never went out in public even once until I adopted her. Plus, they fed her a lot of the junk food they eat, so she was 35 pounds overweight, the poor thing. (Her original name, which probably hinted at what these people drank all the time, was Cola. That name went right out the window, since my family doesn’t suck down the sugar water most of this obese nation does).

She’s lost 25 of those pounds, though (prior to my getting her), and I’m sure we’ll take care of the other 10 and get my beautiful girl healthy again. Welcome to the family, Coda!