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I had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend (including my first drone flight – – a very nice drone I bought for my son which, on my own maiden voyage, I managed to completely crash into a tree; luckily, it was unharmed). I also went out with my family to dinner, joining another family, and we followed our dinner with a stroll through Palo Alto.

There’s an overpriced candy store downtown called Rocket Fizz (which, incredibly, has dozens and dozens of locations around the country) that we like to browse. I go there just to remember old candies from my childhood, but I’m not really compelled to pay 100% over full retail for this crap. But as I was browsing, I noticed this:


On the left is a pair of tiny underwear, ostensibly made for squirrels. It cost $8. On the right is a tiny ceramic cup which has absolutely no purpose. The idea is that you’d put it on your porch for the squirrels. It cost $15.

Why? Why on Earth?

Has the upper-middle class reached the point of such mindless complacency that this is the kind of brick-a-brack on which they wish to throw away their cash? Good God almighty, people. I mean, I thought the assortment of fake dog poo they were selling was dumb enough (particularly since I’ve got a yard full of the stuff, and it’s real) but at least one could, I suppose, pull a prank or something with it and get a yuck or two out of it.

But………..squirrel underwear? A squirrel coffee cup? It’s not enough a little bit funny. It’s just……….embarrassing.

I’m a lot of fun, I know. All the same, when I see stuff like this, words fail me.