SlopeFest 2015

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Another SlopeFest has come and gone, and Slopers from all over the country – – flying or driving in from places like Tallahassee, Chicago, San Francisco, Ohio, Los Angeles convened in Las Vegas (and, on Saturday Night, the Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay). It was, as always, a real pleasure to put names to faces (or, more accurately, screen names to faces), and for me it was an humbling experience to hear how much the blog and the community have meant to some individuals. Here are a few snapshots from the event……


Famed King-of-Nadex Davis Ramsey (with nf6 to his right) makes a pointed gesture at me, probably trying to convince me that his sister, also at SlopeFest, was not, in fact, his wife.


Here is a photo of me, Davis, and Oscar “GOOD MORNING TRADERS!” Carboni in the media room.


A delightful view, far from the madding crowd:


Thanks, as always, to Ferrari for making the Foundation Room available, and thanks to Dutch for putting this together. Although I wasn’t there, I heard Hagar was a marvelous host at his home earlier Saturday to the entire group. Thanks, everyone, and I look forward to the time when we all meet again (hopefully when the market is a lot lower).

Bonus image: me, as Las Vegas airport, waiting to leave……..