Fish Finally Fried

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I’m not particularly talented, but there’s one thing I can do better than anyone I’ve ever met: see patterns earlier, and better, than anyone else.

I offer you Exhibit A in the form of this post from January 27th, in which I introduced the “Ichthus” Jesus pattern, which exists nowhere else except in the tortured mind of TImothy Knight.

Well, not only did the pattern finish magnificently, it has worked its way down to a lower triangle pattern that, for the first time this year, has closed beneath its own support level.

If we lived in normal markets, I could virtually guarantee a free-fall at this point. However, Yellen (and the people she represents) could “intervene” at any moment, so I can assure you of nothing. I’m simply trying to do the best I can while combatting the aforementioned anti-Christ.