SocialTrade Feedback

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I’m very pleased to let everyone know that SocialTrade is its own website now. For those of you unacquainted with SocialTrade, think of it as a reddit for charts. People post charts (and other stuff) of interest to traders in there on a daily basis, and there is an ever-growing, well-organized database of these visual morsels at your disposal.

SocialTrade has been a longstanding feature on Slope, and Slopers have stacked tens of thousands of interesting charts, articles, and other curiosities into the database.

When you go to the SocialTrade web site, it will automatically “swoosh” through the four general sections, which are:


You can stop the swooshing (and start examining something of interest) by clicking on any of the four menu items or on any particular item that’s present on the screen. The swooshing is just a way to give people, particularly newcomers, a vague sense as to what’s going on.

I’d be very interested in any feedback you’ve got on the site. I’d also like to point out to any of you that happen to have blogs or websites of their own, there’s a page that gives you the code to have cool SocialTrade slide shows (either vertical or horizontal) on your site, for free, of course. Click here to learn about integrating SocialTrade content onto your own site.