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Note: Well, a normal post became embittered and vitriolic by the end. What better place to post it than SoH, a renowned bullshit-free zone?

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An update on Gold vs. stock markets, as at yesterday’s close. These charts have improved today, but there is still no conclusive change in trend in gold vs. stock markets. There could be some short-term chop if for example, SPX decides to rise again (I am not necessarily buying – or should I say selling? – today’s post-FOMC drop, though I have started to position that way, while holding a few longs that are doing just fine today) to the upside target of 2040 +/-.

[confusing language alert:  the above attempts to say that I still hold a few longs but started shorting the market on yesterday’s post-FOMC hysterics]

Gold vs. S&P 500

gold vs. spx

Gold vs. Euro 50…

gold vs. euro stoxx 50

Gold vs. Toronto…

gold vs. tsx

Make no mistake, gold sector fundamentals are looking good and the macro fundamentals are slowly creeping along. But nothing worth its while happens in a flash. This is a long grind (boy don’t I know it) to a new macro picture. Meanwhile, the “community” has burped up the likes of this…

jim sinclair

and this…

Plunge Protection Team Losing Control of Markets -Jim Sinclair

Per this, lately…

Man, That’s Cheesy

And now today the “community” is glad handing itself in similar, but far less egregious fashion as it did in 2013 immediately after the Fed rolled over and punted on withdrawing QE 3.

Scary Gold Bug Article, on Cue

Hey look, just because I am getting more bullish on gold’s fundamental picture it does not mean I am going to try to make nicey nice with people (i.e. the “community”) who have guided to ruin the average gold bug looking for supposed expertise, for years now. Besides, the sector is still nowhere, technically.

Let me see Gold vs. SPX blast upward and Treasury yield dynamics change trend and then we’ll bring out our own pom poms, though they’ll never be as brightly colored as the perma-poms.

[edit] Well, it just got a little more egregious. Here is a screenshot of a comment below the ‘glad handing’ article linked above, from the Gold Report. These guys just can’t seem to help themselves. Here is what I need to tell you; all through the bear market when certain gold bugs chest thump or try to get you to buy their view, things have not gone so well for those who took the hook. Maybe it’ll be different this time. Cue the stopped clock…


[edit 2] Oh wait, isn’t the commenter a principal at The Gold Report? Isn’t Streetwise affiliated with tGR? Wow, an inside scoop on what Jeb Handwerger thinks. Wow, I stand corrected for my wise assed skepticism. I can speak like this because I’d never get put on the Gold Report, anyway. That was after all, the entity that headlined an unfortunate article associated with Eric Sprott last year…

An Ebola Armageddon Could Trigger a Rebirth in Gold and Silver Prices: Eric Sprott

I can’t stand this and am now getting in a bad mood over it. So in service to mental health, I leave the subject.

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