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I did a Slope+ post back on September 6th titled Is Plus Too Cheap? You can probably guess what it is about. I wrote, in part, the following:

I’d like to ask Slope Plus folks a very quick favor: to take literally a moment to fill out a one-question survey. I want to make one point emphatic right now: the price you pay for Slope Plus is NOT going to change. I simply want to take a survey for FUTURE subscribers. So don’t worry about shooting yourself in the foot!

As you’ve probably already gathered, I’m wondering if I am selling Slope Plus too cheaply. I work quite hard on the content, but my brain is kind of stuck in the world of what prices were back in 1985 or so. I still think a plane ticket from SFO to LAX should be about $39, and I’m surprised when it’s five times that much. So I think the same kind of “anchoring” caused me to badly underprice Plus.

Many people responded to the survey, and here were the results on a percentage basis:


So a little less than 60% felt the price was fine as-is, but nearly 40% declared they would have spent a lot more on the same subscription! So this kind of confirms I’m selling it too cheaply. Indeed, looking at the monthly subscription prices of other sites like mine, they tend to be about $100 per month, so I’m convinced I’m a lunatic (or a fool; or both).

Thus, I’m going to bump up the price to $39.95/month on October 1st for new subscribers. That’s an increase of 33%. If you’ve been on the fence about subscribing, now is the time, because you can lock in the present (too-low) price basically for life.

If you need a reminder of what the features are, here’s the link, and more importantly, here’s the subscription page! Hope to see you there. Thank you.