CNN Town Hall with BDI

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The producer of CNN’s Town Hall with Anderson Cooper, Kari Pricher, called BDI last night.

Unreal, and 100% true.

Apparently, they were most keen on the initial question submitted, and requested that The Shop promptly submit two more.

I sent the questions in my GF’s name, as the fab foreign frog is ineligible to vote.  CNN is now seriously considering the Greek Goddess as an active participant in the Town Hall this coming Tuesday night.  Needless to say, she’s not too happy with the foolish frenzied frog. The Ionian Goddess is quite upset, nervous, and will need considerable coaching.

Trump’s kids will be there, so they wanted questions to bring the kids into the conversation, other wise The Shroom Shop would have been much more aggressive.  Perhaps, I’ll suggest that they rename the forum; Meet the Trumps!


The Shop’s additional questions submitted:

​Dear Kari,

It was certainly intriguing speaking with you last night. (had to force the GF to pick up the phone). As per your request, I have drafted 3 questions for your final review.

Mr. Trump,

1) You have triumphantly reinvigorated and captured a clear majority of Republican voters, their support is unequivocal and unconditional, let’s face it, they love you. As such, why not switch gears at this juncture, focusing on the crucial Reagan Democrats’ swing vote, who perhaps might be more receptive to a Tamer Trump?

I believe Melania and Ivanka would be on board with this approach, not sure about Tiffany.

2) As a fantastically successful developer, who has earned tremendous wealth, and is among the elites of our society, what do you think of your peers stashing money away, out of Uncle Sam’s reach, so as to avoid paying their fare share of taxes?

How would deal with those implicated by the Panama Papers scandal? Would you promptly rescind their membership to the Palm Beach Mara-a-Largo club or any of your phenomenal golf clubs?

3) Don, Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany you all come across as confident, courteous, highly educated and rather composed individuals, how do you reconcile that with a father, you clearly have tremendous respect, admiration and love for, who can come across as an over the top, brash and sometimes bombastic force of nature?


CNN is clueless, I’m not even a citizen of this fine Nation!

p.s  Just may have to inject a random “blow me” while on center stage……..