Free Movie Idea

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Last night I tweeted out (from a dive bar near Google) a picture of me going over the final draft of my first screenplay……..

Since my creative juices are flowing, I had another movie idea while walking the dogs, which I’m offering here, free of charge. Just put my name in the credits somewhere, OK?

The movie is set in the not-too-distant future. Let’s say 2030. The premise is that, by law, all cars are self-driving. (I’m basing this on Waymo, which I see constantly around these parts).

The opening scene is a car traveling down the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. The family in the car is taking in the scenery, enjoying a pleasant ride. As the car winds its way through the twists and turns of Highway One, it suddenly veers toward the edge, throwing the car over the cliff. As the vehicle hits the rocks below, we cut to a scene of a nerdy looking guy in a dark apartment grinning with self-satisfaction. So now we have our mystery and our villain.

The plot line, as you might gather, revolves around a brilliant hacker who has found a way to take control of cars. As the movie progresses, his exploits become more daring and affect larger groups of people. As the authorities begin to catch on, the tension builds. Let’s see, I think we need sex somewhere. So let’s have a couple engaged in sex while the hacker (who, of course, is a virgin, so he’s jealous of their carnal coupling) slams the vehicle into a brick wall as they climax.

As we build toward the final scene, we could have thousands of cars on both coasts all racing (passengers inside, of course) toward dramatic oceanic tragedies. The west coast tends to have plenty more cliff-type drops, so that works well visually.

On the other hand (and the other coast), having cars gently roll down the sand banks of Myrtle Beach doesn’t really cut it, but maybe we’ll have them all go to Maine. OK, good.

Anyway, the point is that near the movie’s end, just before the cops blast down the door and kill the nerdy bad guy, we’ll have a scene of thousands of cars flying over guard rails and sending their passengers to untimely ends.

I’ve even got a title for you. Ready?