TRUMP, Tactless Turncoat or Toupeed Tactician?

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An evil plan?

Many former frenzied fanatical believers are calling out Trump as a terrible traitorous turncoat for selecting Googlish Goldman Sachs graduates, reckless titans of industry and perpetually petty politicians for his Cabinet and as his closest advisors.  

Ultimate establishment insiders?  Think again…………… 

Perhaps, the disaffected have it all wrong.  As the consummate deal-maker, The Daring Dubious Donald may well be giving these guys a quid pro quo.

“You’re a player in the field you say? You want in?  Well, I’ll consider it, but only if you fix what you broke. That’s the deal, you don’t do it, consider yourself fired!”

For example, he may well be setting himself up to dictate new directives to The Banking Bad Boys.

You guys want to have some influence in here?………..well then, start directing your financial might towards productive capital formation, and stop sucking money out of the economy with your disgracful, disgusting detrimental over-financialization.”  

The Trumpinator may be forcing their hands. He’s not selecting his Cabinet, he is cutting deals with his Cabinet clowns. After all, isn’t that the deliberate Donald disco dance?



p.s. Although in the end, it all really doesn’t matter. For as deftly determined as The Trumpster may be, he and his characterless conniving Cabinet cabal will all get blown away by the doomsday debt mushroom cloud detonating on the horizon.