Georgy Girl

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My Tesla had a couple of technical “events’ yesterday, one bad, one good.

The bad one was a sudden loss of power steering. The reason wasn’t what you’d expect, like some fluid leakage or other proletarian predicament. No, no, this is Tesla. The software needed to be fully rebooted. I can tell you, though, when it decides not to offer power steering, it was virtually impossible to turn the steering wheel. I felt like I was trying to spin the steering on the Titanic after resting on the ocean floor for the past century.

The good one was musical. My car plays whatever songs it thinks I want to hear, and it turned on something I hadn’t heard in decades – Georgy Girl. When I was a little kid, songs like this were always playing in my household, and I just had to smile hearing it again, since it’s so damned poppy. The lyrics make me think it was sponsored by a clothing industry group, though (“Why do all the boys just pass you by? Could it be you just don’t try or is it the clothes you wear?”) Anyway, here ya go….