Three Post Mortems

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The market is stuck – – absolutely stuck in the mud – – for the past month. Range-bound. Contained. Dullsville. In any case, the blog must go on, so here are a few random remarks.

I mentioned yesterday how the big rise in the Euro might find the trendline to be a powerful force of resistance. So far, so good (see arrow):


I am so glad I didn’t ditch my DUST long position. It lost nearly 10% yesterday, but it’s back to breakeven now. I still have big dreams about just how battered precious metals miners could get. The chart of JNUG below shows this best.


Finally, I keep adding to my Mexico short, by way of the EWW fund. The erosion (tinted) is slow and steady, and this could be one of the cleanest trades of 2017.


Lastly, for any of you Theranos followers, check out this interview with early investor Tim Draper. Words fails me.