A Positive Negative Day

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In spite of a VIX scraping zero and a SPY that fell all of nine hundredths of a single percentage point, my lovingly-crafted portfolio had a good day. I gained 1.6% on the day with my entirely short portfolio, and my “ETF Only” portfolio hit a lifetime high in value. It comprises a mere three instruments: DRIP, ERY, and FAZ. Those are all triple-leveraged.

Those energy ETFs are particular favorites of mine. Here is one of them, which is about to reach escape velocity away from its cup with handle pattern:


And here is the other, milder one, which itself is quite dependent on mega-cap stock XOM (Exxon Mobil).:


I’m sticking with all of these positions, although I’ve got to tell you, with nearly 70 different positions to manage, by the time I finish updating my stop-loss prices, the trading day is already through!