Joker Real Estate

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This morning’s Daily Post brings with it, as always, dozens of colorful real estate ads. In one case, they’ve given up even trying to pretend the prices are sane……….


Of course, it actually is a very cheap prices for an Atherton property. What has always struck me about real estate agents around here is how danged weird they look. Honestly. I’m not sure if weird-looking people are drawn to real estate, or if real estate turns them into weird-looking people. A real chicken and egg problem. The property, above, is for sale by……….


Her face reminds me of someone………if only I could remember………

In any case, you’re a Sloper, so I’d rather you live close to me in my own Palo Alto neighborhood, so for just ten times more, you can have this beauty:


A half acre of land, compadres! Frolic in bare feet! It’s yours, all yours!