Bitcoin Bluster

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I don’t chime in about Bitcoin since I’ve never touched it and have no business contributing to something I know so little about (although I suspect there are plenty who do anyway). But a couple of days ago, I sent out this innocent tweet…….


Although I have about 18,000 followers on Twitter (all real and organic, thank you very much), I usually don’t get much in the way of replies, but this one was different………

1111-5 1111-4 1111-3 1111-2 1110-1

It sounds like people are stone-cold-convinced that Bitcoin always goes up, and these little bumps along the way are just buying opportunities. I must also add how amusing it is to see one of the chaps above suggesting that whoever bought it intends to hang on to it for the next decade. Yeah, right.

Anyway, maybe all these maniacs are right. Or maybe not. We’ll see.