SlopeCharts’ Great Leap Forward

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I am absolutely delighted to let you know about a couple of terrific improvements to my beloved SlopeCharts platform.

(1) Panes – as we set about adding more technical studies to SlopeCharts, we decided to make the panes – – that is, the individual elements of the whole chart – – easy to rearrange. So if you want one study at the top, the price bars at the bottom, and the volume pane wedged in between, that’s your choice. Using the panes is a cinch: just hold down the Ctrl key and drag them around in any arrangement you like.

(2) MACD – the oft-requested Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) study is here! You will see it available in the new Studies tab at the top of the screen.

I’ve made a quick video which (silently) shows these features in action.

We’ve made some other minor improvements that I needn’t go into here – – suffice it to say, we’re constantly improving the product.

I do have one favor to ask, though. I am a very experienced chartist, but I’m not much of a technical studies guy. To all you MACD pros out there – – please try out the new study and let me know what you think! What parameters are best? Does it look good? Is there anything you’d change? Just say so in the comments section.

I hope you like these improvements, and you can expect plenty more to come.