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Take a Shortcut!

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I’m happy to tell you about another time-saving feature in SlopeCharts – – custom keyboard shortcuts.

When I use SlopeCharts (which is daily), I found that I was moving symbols from watch list to watch list constantly. This can be a very time-consuming process, quite tedious, and involving a lot of mouse clicking. So I arranged that we enhance the product so that with a single button, you can perform move and copy operations between watch lists.

To get there, just choose Preferences:



Selected Shorts: Analogs

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Preface to chart posts for this weekend: Instead of doing a bunch of videos, I decided to show static charts created, of course, with SlopeCharts (which you should use – – hint, hint). I am allocating most of these ideas to my Slope Plus subscribers. What these charts all have in common is (1) they are all “live” short positions in my portfolio (2) the patterns should be fairly self-explanatory. What’s unique about this particular set is that they are all based on analogs:

slopechart_AKR (more…)