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Marvelously Depressing

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I’m sure pretty much all of you have seen a-ha’s “Take On Me” video, which enjoys half a billion views on YouTube alone. That was the golden age of music videos (which I was lucky enough to live through).

I stumbled upon the video below, in which lead singer Morten Harket does the same song “unplugged”. First off, the guy’s voice has held up amazingly well. I remember watching a video of Crash Test Dummies a few years after they were big, and holy Lord, Brad Roberts’ voice has gone downhill so bad it just broke my heart. Anyway, check this out:

I’m stuck by several things:

  • How good the lyrics are; it’s easy to lose that with the original recording;
  • What a different feel the song has when sung at this pace and with these emotions;
  • How depressing it is to see a young icon from the 80s as a man approaching 60. But I’m eventually going to grasp the concept that time indeed does march on – – slowly learning that life is OK.

All Saints Charts

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As I sit here on Halloween night (yes, this show was pre-recorded), waiting to dole out candy to the kids of the neighborhood, I thought I’d thumb through a few my-God-when-will-they-stop-climbing index charts. So here goes………

In the year since Trump was elected, the Dow has climbed nearly six THOUSAND points. What’s surprising is that not once has Trump ever mentioned the strength of equity markets during his tenure. He’s been too focused on the job at hand, and doing it superbly. And no matter what your political point of view, you’ve got to respect that.



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