Percentage Charts

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SlopeCharts has been on a tear this week. I also want to put the word out that I would like to make these available to someone out there who has a blog that could use some charts. This isn’t an open offer – – pretty much whoever asks first, that’s my guy (or gal). It’s really just an experiment. So drop me an email if you want to get SlopeCharts on your site! Anyway………

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve added Percentage charts to SlopeCharts. To use them, just choose Chart Styles from the menu.


Then select the rightmost icon.


Voila, everything you look at will show the percentage change starting with the leftmost part of the chart to the rightmost. Zooming in to a portion of the chart will alter the scale as needed.


Plenty more features to be announced, some of which are already are live. Click here for all the recent SlopeCharts posts.