Just. About. There.

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It seems apparent that cryptocurrencies are worth the paper they’re printed on. With nearly 2,000 of these things floating around, values have dropped 60%, 70%, 80%………you get the idea. And yet in spite of this drop, there’s still another important event looming which I think will cause gravity’s pull to reach Jupiter levels. And that is expressed in a single, simple horizontal line:


If bitcoin breaks that level, which is just a little below $6,000, I think the HODLers are going to throw in the towel. We’ve already witnessed what failure at a similar level has done to Ethereum:


Oh, and remember this gem?


Now that it’s down nearly 90% from the price cited above………I guess Mr. Larsen isn’t getting the press he was early this year.


Suffice it to say I think we’re in for another leg down. And, with that, I offer once again the video clip that I still consider the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

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