Push for PLUS (Part 3 of 4)

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Preface to all four parts: The new Slope of Hope has been in development for months, and we’re getting close to launch (for a sneak peek video, click here). This new site has cost a fortune, so I’m definitely in the mood to drum up subscriptions (I’ll mention the new site has quite a few PLUS-exclusive features). So I’m doing something I hardly ever do, which is offer a coupon to encourage people to sign up. As usual, to subscribe, just click here, and you can use the special coupon code newslope to enjoy a $49.95 discount (which gets you a free month if you’re doing month-to-month or chops the same amount off the price of an annual). This weekend, I’ve busted my 72 positions into 4 equal videos, and 2 of those are PLUS only. So if you’ve ever thought about being a premium member, now’s a great opportunity! – – Tim