The Spike of Hope

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Mornin’, everybody.

Hey, this is a first – – ZeroHedge featured a tweet of mine in an article of theirs this morning. It only took thirteen years, but voila, there it is.

Anyway, as has been the market’s habit lately, the three remaining bears on planet earth are getting the “beat back” applied, but I’m not especially worried. I think the larger trend is definitely in our favor, and we’re just going to have to muddle through days like this on a regular basis. As always, I let my stops manage themselves, one by one.


Of far greater interest to me is bonds, whose movement is core to my long-term thesis. They’ve been quite strong for many weeks, but……… you happen to notice an incredibly well-formed pattern from Technical Analysis 101 that’s completing? I sure do. That neckline, tinted is green, is all that matters to…………..well……………everything.


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