Too Obvious?

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Suspicious fellow that I am, I’m afraid of even mentioning this, since I’m afraid to “jinx” the situation. However, waking up this morning and looking at our systems monitor, I am breathing a sigh of relief that, so far, things are silky smooth on the new site. What a sharp contrast to the blow-ups and explosions yesterday (see arrows). The real test is coming in the next hour (I am typing this before the open), when big traffic hits.

However, since we seemed to get things buttoned down, I fired up a full-time monitoring system, and I like what I see. Let’s hope it sticks!

Turning away from systems administration for a moment, as delighted as I am to see red this morning, I have to ask myself: could it possibly be this obvious? And easy? It seems the market gods wouldn’t permit such a thing. With big news coming today with respect to Iran (and, on an ongoing basis, China), I’m half-expecting some announcement to wreck this setup, but………this is what it looks like at the moment:

Assuming things remain steady and solid, I can ramp up my content-creation efforts again. But now, dog duty calls.

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